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Illuminate your beauty face

1200 NOK / 110 EUR

Illuminate your beauty face

Enhance your unique beauty during this service. All are aimed at helping you confidently showcase your individuality and boost your self-assurance.

Begin by having your ideal haircut perfectly complement your distinctive face shape, enhancing your natural beauty. 

Gain invaluable insights into choosing the right jewellery that resonates with your style,

For eyewear frames, I'll personally accompany you to stores, ensuring the selection not only harmonizes with your personal style but also accentuates your facial features.

Women will find tailored makeup advice, while men can benefit from tips on beard care.

You'll receive after your session a comprehensive PDF document summarizing everything we discussed, along with personalized advice.

Face-to-face consultation in central Oslo preferably, other location on request.

Possible online.

Book your consultation now!

1 hour

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