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Analyse your colourimetry

1200 NOK / 110 EUR

Analyse your colourimetry

Did you know that colours can reveal your strengths, accentuate your personality, and boost your confidence? That's why colour analysis is an essential step in your image consulting.   

Through a diagnostic questionnaire and the draping test, you'll discover the colours that enhance your natural beauty.   

During our session, we'll work together to determine your personalized colour palette, identifying shades that perfectly harmonize with your skin, eyes, hair, and personal preferences.  

You'll also learn how to elegantly and subtly mix and match colours. We'll delve into color combinations for your outfits, so you can create dazzling looks that reflect your unique style. 

You'll receive after your session a personalised booklet summarizing everything we covered with a colour chart and colour combination advice.

Only Face-to-face consultation in central Oslo preferably, other location on request.

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1 hour

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